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Earthmate is a market leader in the design, development, manufacture and technical support of high performance geocomposites for use in a wide range civil engineering, environmental and sustainable building projects. We have developed a reputation for innovation to develop our high quality geocomposites, while delivering outstanding project support and customer service. We are committed to providing world-class and cost-effective geocomposites for your projects.
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For the past 12 years, we have been committed to providing world-class geosynthetics for your projects. Adhering to the principle of quality first and competitive price, the products are exported to 32 countries and regions all over the world. They are widely used in railways, highways, retaining walls, slope reinforcement, airport runway reinforcement and rehabilitation, landfills, oil fields and erosion control. Standardized operations guarantee that we can be your faithful and reliable partner on the road to success. Geosynthetics is our Business, Safety is our Value.


We anticipate the long-term challenges with which your projects may be faced and suggest the best solution, recommend the most suitable product to meet your projects service life goal and minimize the maintenance costs in the future. Lower costs, longer service life.

Engineering Design

For over 12 years, Earthmate Geosynthetics have been conducted with the short-term and long-term performance testing at the top laboratories in the US, UK, Canada and Korea according to ASTM D & EN ISO standard. These testing reports provide accurate and detailed data for your project engineering design to ensure project safety and success. Meanwhile, our technical team will also assist you in project engineering design based on years of valuable experience.


Without a clear specification, no project could be approved. In the planning phase, you could customize your project’s specifications easily. Our team will ensure that all relevant elements of supply, handling and installation are included in the projects planning and construction process.


All of our geosynthetics are manufactured strictly according to the ASTM D, EN ISO testing standards. The raw materials, polymers, filaments needed for the production of our geosynthetics, are subject to a strict material analysis. Acceptance test certificates, submitted by base material suppliers, are reviewed and qualified in accordance with our product specific protocols. During production of all geosynthetics, additional quality assurance measures are performed according to ISO 9001:2015 system.


Our logistics team will track the production of orders in real time and book the containers in advance. Only the fastest liner or direct routes will be selected. When the production is completed, our logistics team will arrange the container loading, trucking and shipment in the first place to ensure that the geosynthetics are delivered to your destination without any delay. Also, you can track the real-time status of shipping and document delivery on our official website.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by our experienced sales and technical engineers to offer appropriate, project-specific solutions and innovative, certified products. We have a wealth of experience in the design and development of geosynthetic products and their practical application.

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